Some years after the Red Kingdom had formed, shortly before the Riot of Rot, ten members of the clan woke up one morning feeling the call to the Plaguebringer's service. As the clan anxiously looked on, Oscar divined for signs, Nekane pronounced it true, and Ruaidhri gave his blessing. With proud but tearful hearts, their loved ones bid their goodbyes, and the Plaguebringer's newest servants made their preparations to leave.

Here is their memorial.

Raghnailt Edit


The Defender of the Red Kingdom, Raghnailt and her mate Niall left behind their third partner, Cennetig, when they felt the Plaguebringer's call. Cocksure, bold, tactless, and incurably stubborn, Raghnailt was nonetheless well beloved by her clan for her willingness to confront enemies and predators alike. She served as a first line of defence for the clan, ranging tirelessly across their lands and aggressively dissuading dangers from sticking around. In addition to her partners, she was particular friends with Iuile, the leader of the Wildclaw hunters; Daire, whom she rescued on the edges of clan territory; and Muiris and Muirne, who shared her duties of border patrol.

Niall Edit


Along with his partner Raghnailt, Niall left behind their third mate, Cennetig. The quietest and least aggressive of their family, Niall served as Hosteller for the Red Kingdom, ensuring that guests were looked after and that all members of the clan had comfortable places to sleep and good quality food to eat that was suited to their varied diets. In addition to his partners, he was particularly close with Sadbh, who serves the clan as Housekeeper; Nioclas, who taught the clan's young and was often in contact with Niall throughout the day; Ailis, Nioclas's mate, who assisted him with food storage and management; and Brigh, who serves as the primary healer for the Red Kingdom.

Nioclas Edit


The Teacher of the Red Kingdom, Nioclas left the clan at the side of his partner, Ailis. A kind and gentle soul, Nioclas was known for his firm but nurturing hand with the children of the clan, educating them on their history and their place in the world. Though many of his charges went on to join the Plaguebringer's service, he kept in touch with those who stayed, serving as a mentor even to those grown. In addition to his mate, Ailis, he was good friends with Sadbh, the clan's Housekeeper, whom he worked in close conjunction with; Ailill, the Counsellor of the Red Kingdom and a colleague of his; Laoise, the Caregiver, who looks after the children of the clan; Niall, who served as clan Hosteller and worked with him often; and Brigh, the clan Leech, who was likewise often in close contact with him.

Ailis Edit


Ailis, the Seedmistress of the Red Kingdom, went to the Plaguebringer's service at the side of her mate, Nioclas. During her time with the clan, she served as keeper of their seed supplies and key manager of food storage. She worked often in conjunction with Aifric, the Gardener, and was especially close friends with her. In addition to Nioclas and Aifric, she was particularly friends with Niall, the former Hosteller, who often worked with her; Searlas, the River Tamer, whose skills were crucial in the maintenance of the gardens; Sadbh, the Housekeeper, who shared many of her interests in addition to working well with her; Tomas, the Beekeeper, whose workspace she shared; and Brigh, the Leech, who often made use of her skills and supplies.

Searlas Edit


Searlas, the River Tamer, left behind his mate, Aislin, for whom he had originally come to the Red Kingdom. Born with powers of growth and water, he travelled widely to hone his skills, passing most often through Water, Nature, and Plague lands, where he used his abilities in service to his adopted home. Having hailed from a Nature clan, it came as a great surprise to him when he heard the Plaguebringer's call. In addition to his mate, he was particular friends with Ronan, Ciardha, and Liadan, clan fishers; Ailis and Aifric, the Seedmistress and the Gardener, who made frequent use of his skills; Tomas, the Beekeeper, who enjoyed his company and used his talents; and Muiris and Muirne, who patrol the clan's borders and whom he sometimes travelled with.

Ionatan Edit


Ionatan, the Naturalist, felt the Plaguebringer's call along with the majority of his family, and left behind only his nephew, Meallan, of whom he was the former Charge. Energetic and a touch mischievous, Ionatan spent most of his days ranging far and wide across clan lands, gathering insects and studying the natural world. He was often accompanied by his partner, Siomha, and his ever-present guardian, Meallan. He was also particularly close with the other members of his family, Caitriona and Alaois, as well as Naomh, the Seeker; Somhairle, the Summer Traveller; Aoibhin, the Mapmaker; and Eibhlin, the Crystal Shade, who frequently explored clan lands at his side.

Siomha Edit

The Adventurer of the Red Kingdom, Siomha left the Red Kingdom along with the rest of her family, leaving behind only Meallan, her mate Ionatan's guardian. Practical and sensible, she was easily the most grounded of her family, and did what she could to keep the others from flying off into undue flights of fancy. She was not entirely immune to them herself, however: she was adventurous and enthusiastic, and enjoyed the company of others. In addition to her mate and his guardian, she was close with Caitriona and Alaois, the other members of her family, and with the rest of the clan's great explorers: Naomh, the Seeker; Somhairle, the Summer Traveller; Aoibhin, the Mapmaker; and Eibhlin, the Crystal Shade.

Alaois Edit


Alaois, the Trickster, left the Red Kingdom for the Plaguebringer's service along with his entire family aside from Meallan, his son Ionatan's nephew and guardian. Fun-loving and mischievous, he served as one of the entertainers of his clan, and always did his part to keep his fellows entertained with elaborate and amusing stories. Though he could be capricious or even thoughtless at times, his love for his clan kept him from hurting too many feelings. In addition to Ionatan and Meallan, he was also particularly close to Caitriona, his mate; Siomha, Ionatan's partner; Cinaed, the Storyteller of the Red Kingdom, who continues to serve as a clan entertainer; and Alastriona, the Bejewelled, who likewise plies her trade as a dancer and living ornament in the service of the clan's entertainment.

Caitriona Edit


Caitriona, the Academic of the Red Kingdom, accompanied the rest of her family to the Plaguebringer's service, leaving behind only her brother Ionatan's guardian, Meallan. She was a true scholar, studying anything and everything that came her way with an enthusiastic and occasionally fickle fascination—leading her to have a wide, scattered, and unusually distributed knowledge base. Her studies lead her all across clan lands, and she often collected insects and plants as she worked. In addition to her brother and his guardian, she was also particularly close with Alaois, her mate; Siomha, Ionatan's partner; Saraid, the clan Advisor, who shared many of her scholarly pursuits; and Cianan, the Red Kingdom's Lorekeeper and likewise a colleague.

Liadan Edit


The former Grey Fisher of the Red Kingdom, Liadan was a matriarch who left behind her mate, Ciardha, and two generations of her family. Born with pale plumage and no ability to sense vibrations in the air, Liadan was cast out at birth and was homeless until she was taken in by Eimhear, who taught her the clan's sign language. Upon Ciardha's joining the clan she settled happily with her mate and started a family; her son, Ronan, now bears the title that was once hers. In addition to her mate, her child, and her mentor, she was also especially close to Neasa, Cillian, and Alastriona, members of her family; Searlas, the River Tamer, who often worked with her; Nuala, the White Ghost, who enjoys helping with the fishing; and Ailbhe and Daire, both pale in colour and understanding of her history.

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