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It wasn't uncommon for dragons to travel outside their flight; in fact many did frequently journey through the lands of Sorienth. That is how the story of Dubloon begins. Originally from the breezy lands of the Windswept Plateau Dubloon was born to a clan of decent size but not soon after she reached adulthood, something tugged at her heart to leave her clan and family to wander the land beyond the winds. Making her way north she came across the land of the Arcanist. Though she felt out of place amongst the intelligent dragons who resided here, it was peaceful to the large Guardian.

The mighty emerald dragon wandered through the Starfall Isles until she came across the Starwood Strand. Several dragons lived here, aimless in their purpose and without a leader. Daily fights broke out among the dragons, drawing blood and tearing up the forest. It confused the Guardian as to how these dragons could live like this. Dubloon, alongside her lifelong friend Carnelian, gathered all the dragons to the largest clearing to speak with them. "Why do you live like this?" She asked. "Why do you not band together and become something more?" The dragons listened to her, ashamed of their actions. "This place is a paradise, yet you squabble over little things like hatchlings." Realizing their mistakes, the dragons lifted their voices in remorse and let out apologies to the Arcanist for fighting. It wasn't long after that the dragons decided to elect Dubloon as their leader, and to follow her wise words.

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