History Edit

The Kingdom does not have a very long history, as it is a relatively new clan, less than a year old. The Kingdom began with a Mirror and a Tundra, Denzel and Fauve. They had one egg together before breaking up as a couple. Kyoko was their daughter, a Mirror like her father. She shares her father's passion for excitement and adventure, but her mother's common sense and love for simple things. Fauve has led the clan since it's beginning, and will continue to do so for a very long time. The Kingdom has grown rather large in such a short period of time, gathering members from all across the land. Some have stayed for a little while before moving on to other lives, but some have remained since the very beginning.

Lair Edit

The Lair of the Kingdom is hidden deep with the forest. On the right night when magic is weak, you might be able to find yourself walking to the lair of the Kingdom. It is constantly guarded by at least one guard, but often two. Although it looks like a rather large pile of rocks, magic keeps it bigger on the inside. There is a large central chamber that is often buzzing with activity. Separating out from that are individual lairs for privacy, the treasury, and many other rooms containing different things. Their are more than a few rooms that appear empty to the eye, but when one walks in, it will be filled with the most magnificent beauties that you were seeking. After all, weren't you just think about how you needed a few things to do that experiment you wanted to do?

Noteworthy Members Edit

  • Cathaoirmore (Guard)
  • Denzel (Leader of the Coli Team)
  • Isak (Manager)
  • Fauve (Leader)
  • Kaida (Chief Gatherer)
  • Kyoko (Second in Command)
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