The dragons of the Moonlit Waves have many customs and celebrations which are all listed here.

Clan lifeEdit


In the Moonlit Waves, being exalted to the Tidelord is both the highest honor one can receive and the lowest. A dragon who has served their clan well and is exalted will be rewarded a place at the side of the deity himself. However, dragons who do not serve the clan and are exalted will be given the lowest jobs. Often, the elder dragons who feel that they are not able to continue to do their duty to the clan might exalt themselves, leaving to serve the Tidelord instead.


In the Moonlit Waves, the mating process is one of careful planning and several meticulous steps that must always be followed, lest a dragon become offended. When one dragon wishes to court another, they first send a letter. This is a letter to first woo the receiving dragon. Although usually sent anonymously, some dragons prefer to write their name, rank and clan status in the letter as well. After this letter is sent, if the receiving dragon accepts the courtship they will send another letter to the dragon that they received it from. The two dragons will then meet up some place, often a dance or hunt. During this time, they will participate in several courtship rituals. What rituals they perform depends on the dragons' preferences.

Nesting & HatchingEdit

The most important custom in the entire Moonlit Waves, as their entire next generation relies on this.

The Wavecrest SaturnaliaEdit

Feast of FoundingEdit

The Feast of Founding is celebrated every year on October 23rd. This marks the day that First High Queen Bhavna created their clan after the Exodus of Silver and the War of the Falling Sky.

Armistice CelebrationEdit

Fest of BlossomsEdit

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