The full history of the Moonlit Waves is one filled with strife and loss.

The Exodus of SilverEdit

The Exodus of Silver took place several hundred years ago, when dragonkind was first formed. As the first dragons were formed, they fought against the beastclans with vigor and righteousness, believing that they were doing it for the good of their kind. Deep within the Viridian Labyrinth, tensions grew between the dragons and beastclans before it erupted into full-on war. Despite most Nature dragons wanting to stay out of the fight, the beastclans' vicious nature caused them to be dragged into a war they didn't want. A young Bogsneak named Bhavna, not wanting to get dragged further into the war, left her home and traveled far away, accompanied only by her mate Lonicera and their old Lightning friend Savina. Joined by dragons from all eleven flights, the dragons fled from their homelands and into the Sea of a Thousand Currents, where they knew they would be safe. The deep waters of the Sea would protect them from most battles. As they explored the Sea further, they discovered the Star-Touched Atoll, hidden by a large reef and several maze-like undersea tunnels.

Bhavna knew that this was their home, and that they truly belonged there. Thus, she declared to her group that they would live there in peace and harmony. Her group of dragons—totalling thirty-nine—agreed. However, they all knew that in order to thrive, they would need a leader. So they chose the one who had led them there in the first place: Bhavna. They named her their High Queen, who would rule over the Star-Touched Atoll and the rest of them.

War of the Falling SkyEdit

Siege of the MadEdit

The Order of the Silken ThroneEdit

The InsurrectionEdit

The Hollowed DeathEdit

The Veiled DroughtEdit

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