Inter-Clan Relations

Although they mostly keep to themselves, the Moonlit Waves are not afraid of going out into the world and creating friendships with other clans. As Aislinn does not trust many other clans, those she forms close bonds with will have a steadfast ally in times of need.

A Brief OverviewEdit

During the rule of First Empress Bhavna, the Moonlit Waves were completely cut off from other dragons.

There are three different relationships:

  • Friendly Clan: these are allies that the Moonlit Waves get along very well with. If a Friendly Clan goes to war, the Waves will be right behind them.
  • Neutral Clan: these clans are not allies or enemies. The Waves may exchange food and other goods with neutral clans in times of need, but will not help them with a war.
  • Enemy Clan: hostile clans that the Waves have made enemies with. Dragons from these clans will always be treated with suspicion.

Friendly ClansEdit

Court of CoralEdit


A small clan living in the Tsunami Flats. More coming soon.

History of the Alliance: Court of Coral

The Court of Coral is led by a young female Tundra named Wynter and her Mirror mate Twiddlebug. Wynter was originally from the Moonlit Waves, her mother being Akiko. Wynter never felt completely comfortable in the clan, preferring to travel far away. When she felt lonely, she would leave her den and travel outside the territory, as far as she dared to. One night, when her mother was sound asleep, Wynter travelled as far as the Tsunami Flats where she met Twiddlebug. She was charmed with the Mirror almost immediately, despite not taking him seriously at first due to his name. The two became extremely close lovers, although Wynter knew that the clan would never accept him.

So they left and formed their own clan: the Court of Coral. Akiko was saddened by her daughter's abandonment, but saw the love she held for Twiddlebug and let her go. High Queen Morrigan, at the time, was not amused by the young dragon's abandonment, and sent Aislinn, Arcano and Tara out to find and kill the traitor. As the High Princess, Aislinn was determined to follow her Queen's orders, but was unable to after seeing the love the two dragons held. To keep the two lovers safe, Aislinn ordered the members of her party to fight each other so they would return home battered and bloodied, as if they were in a struggle. Aislinn told Wynter to live her life with the dragon she loved, not to let anyone stop them. When Wynter asked why Aislinn would do such a thing for them, the Pearlcatcher replied with "I cannot let you die for doing nothing wrong. You love him, and he loves you. I know the power of love, and if it were Arcano and I, I know I would have done the same."

In Aislinn's debt, Wynter swore that should the Pearlcatcher need any assistance when she became High Queen, the Moonlit Waves would have an ally in their time of need.

Relationship with the WavesEdit

Although still touchy, the Court of Coral has a good relationship with the Waves. Twiddlebug still holds a little animosity towards Aislinn and Arcano for trying to kill them, but understands that his mate sees a good, kind leader in the Pearlcatcher. As the oldest ally of the Waves, the Court will do whatever it takes to protect their ally and vice versa.

Order of the ColossusEdit


A militaristic Plague clan that makes its home in what they believe to be the skeletal remains of an Emperor dragon.

History of the Alliance: Order of the Colossus

Not many dragons know why the Waves and the Order are allies. To other clans—the Court of Coral being chief among them—it seems unfathomable for the Waves, a kind and caring clan to be allies with the Order, one of ruthless warriors. With such conflicting personalities, surely they would attempt to tear each other apart? Such a recent alliance surely would prove to be fruitless and dangerous in the future.

In truth, the alliance of the two clans goes back much, much farther than many dragons believe. Before Aislinn became High Queen. Before Morrigan met her end.

For you see, years ago, the Mirror dragon Dana knew the Order.

Well, knew a future member of the order.

When Dana was barely in her teens, she was a fearsome pirate who pillaged the seas of Sornieth. Her crew was feared. Dragons rarely spoke of them. It was seen as a taboo to mention the name of the crew. So the name was lost in time.

Relationship with the WavesEdit

A little shaky, yet still solid. The Order and the Waves have very conflicting personalities... not to mention goals. While the Waves wish for peace, the Order wishes to expand their territory in the name of the Plaguebringer.

Star Clan of the Fae FieldsEdit


Coming soon...

History of the Alliance: Star Clan of the Fae Fields
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Relationship with the WavesEdit

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The Clan of KaskadenEdit


Kaskaden is a very secretive and isolated clan living on a set of islands located by the Tanglewood and the Sunbeam Ruins. A relatively peaceful and isolated clan, it is very secretive about their practices and methods, though they have slowly been opening up to outside clans.

History of the Relationship: The Clan of Kaskaden

The Empire and Kaskaden made first contact when a few dragons (notably Rosabelle, Akimak, Javiera and Eimhir). These four came into contact with the clan, and the clan of Kaskaden was confused by the appearance of these foreign dragons and out of fear believed they were part of a larger attack on their small clan. As a result the Cascades held the dragons hostage for more information regarding their origins, not letting them return to the Waves.

Tensions began to rise on both sides, Kaskaden from fear of attack and the Moonlit Waves from their clanmates being held captive. However the leaders of both clans immediately declared a meeting to settle the dispute and agreed to release the dragons peacefully. To avoid any conflicts in the future they also signed a treaty to not go to war, which was when they were marked as neutral clans.

Over time with overlapping interests however they expanded their treat and have opened up trade and business between both clans. The exchange of goods expanded from food to materials, to treasure to gems to even the exchange of dragons emigrating from the Moonlit Waves. There were even a collaborations in competitions and spars, of which Kaskaden is very passionate about.

Though the clans had formed very close ties at this point they were still marked as neutral and did not provide military support against enemy beastclans. However this changed when the Oceanic Alliance was formed, an alliance allying the Moonlit Waves with their close allies the Court of Coral and Kaskaden. From the Oceanic Alliance Kaskaden finally agreed to send troops in times of war, elevating Kaskaden to the status of a friendly clan

Relationship with the WavesEdit

Though the Moonlit Waves initially had a rocky relationship with the clan now they are a good business partner of the Waves and though Kaskaden still is secretive even to the Waves they are still a close ally of the Waves. If the Moonlit Waves are attacked, the Kaskaden won't opt to directly help them but rather send resources then openly fighting their enemy. If the Kaskaden is attacked, they can be given the same treatment as their alliance is mainly for business.

Kiaptico ClanEdit


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History of the Alliance: Kiaptico Clan
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Relationship with the WavesEdit

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Neutral ClansEdit

The Kingdom of SunstarsEdit


The Kingdom of the Sunstars is an open clan living in the Sunbeam Ruins.

History of the Relationship: The Kingdom of Sunstars

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Relationship with the WavesEdit

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Enemy ClansEdit



  • The Moonlit Waves originally never had any good relationships with other clans, until Aislinn became Empress.
  • If you wish to have a relationship with the Moonlit Waves, please send us a PM with the specifics.
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