The Kingdom of New Hope is a group of dragons who split off from the Empire to form their own clan. Their first queens did not like how the Empire was being ruled, so they decided it would be best if they created a new kingdom for dragons to join.

Brief History[edit | edit source]

Members of the Kingdom of New Hope[edit | edit source]

The highest form of authority in the Kingdom is Queen Zharrea, it was her idea to leave the Empire and create their own. Her mate is Queen Kymara, who is much more soft-spoken than her mate is. Kymara isn't afraid to speak her mind when the time comes to it, however. Together, the two queens are a force to be reckoned with. Excluding the queens, the oldest member of the Kingdom is Taphrino, a young painter. He follow the queens with the promise to serve, and was eventually allowed to have hatchlings with Kymara one day. The second oldest member is Starlisle, a teamaker. She was the rival of Ianna and an old friend of Kymara's. Obviously, she decided to leave the Empire in order to oppose her rival.

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