The High Court rules the entire Star-Touched Atoll; every dragon that is part of the Moonlit Waves is subject to the rule of the High Court. Members of the High Court include the current Empress, the King, the First Brood and all the Lesser Monarchs. Other dragons can also become part of the High Court. Perhaps they are dragons that the Empress trusts. Perhaps they are the children of closely trusted dragons. And of course, any dragon who has come into contact with the Tidelord will immediately be allowed access to the High Court.

The Court resides on the Wavestorm Islands, within large cenotes.

Brief HistoryEdit

The High Court did not exist when the Moonlit Waves were first formed, and instead became a kingdom a few years into the reign of the Second Empress Junia. She decided that there needed to be a division of dragons to rule over the Waves, so that the clan could never again fall into the anarchy it did after High Queen Bhavna died from her extensive wounds from the Shadebringer.

And so the High Court was formed. Throughout Junia's rule, she would also add in the ranks of High Queen/King and gave the rank of Consort as well. It wasn't until the rule of Thirteenth High Queen Roksana I that the First Brood was implemented.

Members of the High CourtEdit

Empress Aislinn and her mate, King-consort Arcano are a female Water Pearlcatcher and male Water Spiral respectively. The adoptive parents of Salford and Glacis, biological parents of Lark, Jupiter, Opal and Phoebe, this pair rule the Empire with nobility, fairness and justice.

High Queen Rosabelle is Aislinn's successor, along with Rosabelle's husband Alruccabah. She is a femaler Water Wildclaw and she is close friends with Brenden and Aemilia. She gained her position after the Ex-High King Salford stepped down from his position to focus more on his family. Salford is a male Water Coatl and is the husband of Lesser Queen Roshanara, who is a female Fire Skydancer.

High Physician Glacis and her mate the Lord Seer Rivule are a close mated pair and are a female Ice Guardian and male Water Mirror respectively. They have had several hatchlings that have left to serve the Tidelord, with barely any of their hatchlings deciding to stay in the clan.

The biological hatchlings of Aislinn and Arcano are LarkJupiterOpal and Phoebe.

Venerable Calan is the strongest mage in the entire Empire. He was taken in and trained many of the warriors in the ways of magic, so they were able to defend themselves against other mages. Despite not being actual nobility, he was elevated to the High Court due to his good ideas when it comes to the non-Water dragons in the clan.

Lesser King Ivarr and Lesser Queen Tara are a pair of warriors. Ivarr is said to be the strongest warrior in the Empire, while Tara has barely lost any battle despite being a younger dragoness. Lesser Queen Sakura is married to the no-ranked Aderyn. She is a great lesser queen, as it possibly the favorite.

Two of the most feared dragons in the Empire are Lesser Queen Corrente and Lord Karayan. The former is a female Water Wildclaw married to the Coatl Azuolas. Corrente has no respect for any dragon not of the Water flight, and she has tried to get Aislinn to ban dragons that are not from the Water flight from the Empire, but this hasn't come to pass. On the other side of things, Karayan is feared due to his size and his ominous qualities. This male Plague Ridgeback is outwardly the lover of Grigorii, but has the dragoness Zera as his forever prisoner.

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