The Inner Rim is the home of the Exarchs and the Elemental Representatives. These dragons assist the members of the High Court as advisors and reporters of the current going-ons in the clan. The Exarchs, for example, lead each of the different aspects of clan life. The Elemental Representatives on the other talon are in charge of caring for each dragon of their same element. The Elemental Representatives are also sent to clans of the same element they are to speak with them and create new alliances and trade routes. There are also clan representatives, who travel from their home clan and stay as a (somewhat permanent) member of the Waves. Finally, there are the heirs of each of these dragons.

Brief HistoryEdit

Members of the Inner RimEdit

Lead Scribe Ren is the first member of the Inner Rim Exarchs. He is the most trusted by Aislinn and is the mate of Dana. As the lead scribe, he is quite the logical and precise male Fae. The leader of the artists is the Keeper of Art Akiko, a Tundra female. She is beloved by all the members of the Empire, and her apprentice is Winifred. Next is the Lady of the Commontry Delaney, who is a Wind Coatl that joined the clan with her mate. The least liked member of the Exarchs is the arrogant and prejudiced Head Warrior Abbas. No one likes the Water Imperial due to his prejudice against non-Water dragons that he inherited from his mother.

The Elemental Representatives are as follows: the Ice Representative Holanthrus, who is the mate of one of the outer-clan representatives. The Shadow Representative Heulwen, who is married to the Pearlcatcher Kasumi. Wind Representative Wezen, who joined the Empire with his mate Delaney. He is quite possibly the most liked Representative, for all Wind dragons love him. As the Water Representative, Eimhir has had the hardest time trying to live up to such a rank especially because there's so many Water dragons. Talfryn Sunglow is an extremely lazy Nature Representative. The Light Representative Brynn was the mate of Ragna, but they broke up. A few years later, he mated with the Bogsneak Muertos. Next in line is the Lightning Representative Deepa, who unlike her brother takes her job very seriously. Fire Representative Skoll was an exalted dragon, but joined the clan after meeting his future mate.

The last three of the Elemental Representatives are Arcane Representative Helga, who hates her job. Next is Klahan, the Plague Representative. He was adopted by Winifred and Amarantha. Finally there is Earth Representative Grigorii, who is the (false) lover of Karayan.

There are three heirs sof the Lesser Monarchs. Jora, who is the daughter of Sol and Skoll and also the mate of Ualan. She is the heir of Lesser King Ivarr. Next is Lesser Queen Tara's heir: Isendra, who is a Lightning dragoness. Finally comes Lesser Queen Sakura's heir Aretha.

As the Empire expands their influence into allies with other clans, they bring outer-clan representatives with them. The Representative to the Court of Coral is Viridiana, who willing left. Next is the Star Clan of the Fae Fields, who specifically bred Alyeona to serve the Waves. Ulfric came from the Clan of Kaskaden, and hated his clan for sending him away. Then there is the dragoness from the Clan of Rippling Shadows, Tempero.

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