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The Northern Clan of the Whispwillow Grove used to be the Western Clan of the Everbloom Gardens. During this time the clan was lead by the Progenitors, Lopt and Freya. After making their home in the wilds of the Nature clan, they came across two wayward Spiral Hatchlings, Jormungand (who has since been exalted) and Quartz. This started a trend of them welcoming all Dragons in need of a home into theirs.

Eventually, Freya felt that she was not the best to lead the clan, and handed over leadership to Amora and her mate knight, who lead the clan well during her time as leader. However, the Shade had been invading the Gardens more and more, and not even the clan's Shadeborn could stop the invasion, so they were forced to pack up and move, but to where?

The Whispwillow Grove Edit

Amora, knowing that she could not lead her clan through this, passed over leadership to the Clan Seer, Envy, a mysterious figure mated to an eccentric alchemist. Using her abilities, she lead the clan out of The Viridian Labyrinth and into The Tangled Wood, drawn to the place they settled by her sacred powers. They made their home in Whispwillow grove, among the strange rock markers, and that is where they are to this day

The War of Twinpeaks Edit

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Current Leader: Edit

Former leaders: Edit

  • Amora

Hunters: Edit

  • Isudo

Warriors: Edit

Alchemist: Edit

  • Desire

Lore-Keepers: Edit

  • Adina
  • Virgo

Gatherer: Edit

  • Banana

Misc. Members: Edit

  • Supernova (demon)
  • Birch (Druid)
  • SugarCube (All-knowing Therapist)
  • Strawberry (Baby-sitter)
  • Hemlock (Poison Master)
  • Lollipop (TBD)
  • Ghoul (Necromancer)
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