The standing warband of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Ogham Warband is a collective grouping of twenty-five Nocturnes who are all siblings or half-siblings to each other. Their precise point of origin is something of a mystery; wherever it is, they aren't telling. They arrived in the Red Kingdom from neighbouring Plague territories after the clan had been established as a powerful political force, offering their services as a warband in exchange for lodging and upkeep. Their petition was accepted, and they have served as the rank and file of the Red Kingdom's warriors ever since. They make their residence not in the lair itself, but in a smaller cave system in the canyon leading into the lair's entrance, where they are free of direct supervision by the clan leadership.

Clan Role Edit

The Ogham Warband's primary role—as apparent from their name—is as the clan's warrior corps. However, they also have a number of other roles, including guarding, scouting, carrying messages, and any other major tasks requiring a large number of workers on a physically demanding task. They are also skilled hunters, as they primarily supply themselves from the Red Kingdom's land; however, they rarely contribute to the clan's food supplies, or partake of them themselves.

The band is divided into five aicme, or units, each captained by a leader, but the group as a whole has no overarching command structure. While technically subordinate to all the Red Kingdom's ranked soldiers and to its rulers, in practice they function semi-autonomously, carrying out their duties as part of a regular routine and only reporting in if there is a major incident.

Characteristics Edit

Highly insular as a group, the Ogham Warband rarely associates with the rest of the clan beyond the minimal amount needed to carry out their duties. They interact primarily with each other, passing characteristics back and forth in a perpetual feedback loop, with smaller sub-loops for each aicme. They are boisterous and rough-and-tumble on the whole, with a fondness for feats of strength and warrior competition. Their genders are mixed, fluid, and pass back and forth amongst themselves as often as their other characteristics. Only their self-imposed internal structure keeps the band from dissolving into a chaotic pile.

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