Overview Edit

The Paradox Clan sits above a Rift in the fabric of reality. Most of the dragons that pass through (and many that live there) came through smaller tears in space-time, accidentally time travelling. As a result of this, Paradox is known for its library, an archive that contains comprehensive histories from flights around Sornieth, extensive magical and scientific research from the local mad scientists, and stories from local alternate universes.

Background Edit

On the edges of the Crystalspine Reaches, where the mountains of pink chalcedony give way to the birches of the Starwood Strand, there is a Rift in reality, left by Shade's attack on Sornieth. Throughout history, it has been given many names-the Hellmouth, the CrackM the Rift. A single Guardian, known as the Slayer, protects it as her Charge. The first of her line had been given a fragment of the Eleven’s power to aid in her defense of the Rift. Once the First Slayer died, her knowledge and power had been passed to a female hatchling in the egg, who would seek out the Rift once she had come of age. This process continued for ages, though there were eras where the Rift was left unguarded by some ill fate.

Clan Members Edit

Factions and other important notes about dragons are in parentheses. Generally, dragons have been grouped by role.

Fighters Edit

  • Buffy (Scoobies)
  • Kaladin
  • Dalinar
  • Minkowski (Hephaestus Crew)
  • Lovelace (Hephaestus Crew)
  • Stabby (AI, Hephaestus Crew)
  • Kendra (Scoobies)

Mages Edit

  • Storm
  • Willow (Scoobies)
  • Tara (Scoobies)
  • Helios
  • Will (Undead)
  • Lucretia (Bureau)
  • Lup (FireDergs, connected to Bureau)
  • Dairine
  • Nita
  • Aubrey (FireDergs)

Scientists Edit

  • Mab (Mad Scientist)
  • Carlos (Mad Scientist)
  • Sylphrenia (Mad Scientist, Engineer)
  • Oswin (Engineer)
  • Pidge (Mad Scientist, Hacker)
  • Doof (Mad Evil Scientist)
  • Hilbert (Disgraced Scientist, Hephaestus Crew)
  • Maxwell (Hacker, Hephaestus Crew)
  • Sally (Mad Scientist)
  • Maureen (Mad Scientist, Undead, Robot)
  • Ford (Mad Scientist, Cryptozoologist)

Scholars Edit

  • Wesley
  • Dalinar
  • MeLaan
  • Inara
  • Sal
  • Solace

AIs Edit

  • Turing (Robot)
  • Fey (Digital)
  • Hera (Digital)

Wanderers Edit

  • Schiaparelli
  • Heather
  • Alice
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