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History Edit

Before the first deities arose from the dirt, there were Essences. Not quite sentient, not human in any stretch of the imagination, Essences were merely that. Essences, the pure concept, of something. One Essence was titled Grow, another Tide. They did not know of eachother, in fact, they knew of nothing but themselves and eternal darkness. These beings had existed before anything else, and as such did not know of life outside of their own, if you can even call it life.

Then, the gods were made. The Essences gained sentience and witnessed the world's creation. They witnessed the rise and fall of many peoples, and they eventually found eachother.

One, Tide, did not care for the deities. All it cared for was Grow, and satisfying its wants.

The other, Grow, cared for the Arcanist, seeing great things in his future. It wanted to join his ranks.

So the two Essences shifted their forms, to blend into the communities easier, and sook out the Arcanist for his blessing. However, the two were seen as misfits by many dragons, and it wasn't easy to get to the Starfall Isles in their new forms.

Eventually, they settled down, and the rumor of these bamboozling beings ran across all of Sornieth. Dragons, especially those who were seen as misfits by friends and family, began moving into their small bit of territory, and a pair became a group, and a group became a gathering, and a gathering became a clan. And that clan was called The Passage Bonding.

Notable Clan Members Edit

Notable Familiars Edit

  • Eden, Glowing Pocketmouse (Varisha)
  • Skully, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak (Swiftling)
  • Diamond, Snow Streak (Lazulite)
  • Creed, Silky Webwing (Keitha)

Location Edit

The clan is located on the border of the Crystalspine Reaches, crossing into the Starwood Strand, the lair itself is a collection of caves carved into a large peak, right next to the beginning of the forest. Every dragon has their own cave, but may sometimes share it with their mate or hatchlings. The caves are easy to access, but some members of the clan prefer to cover the openings with some kind of curtain or rock wall, if they have that sort of ability. In order to avoid robberies, familiars are usually placed to look after the caves while the owners are gone.

The clan territory, while reaching into the forest, doesn't house anyone in there besides Astraia. It also reaches a bit into the waters, claiming the location of the Lighthouse as well.

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