About the Clan Edit

The Wisp-Willow Grotto is a small grotto located on the edge of Shadow territory, sharing a border with Light and Nature. It serves as a rest stop for dragons going off to the rest of the world, or going to serve the Shadowbinder.

The entrance is a small cave covered in lichen that leads down and opens up into a large cavern with a small lake in the center. There is a path that leads around both sides of the lake that lies much higher than the lake itself. The path branches off on three sides, the right leading off to sleeping quarters, nests, a place for hatchling-sitters, and a large theater, the left leading off to a training room, a large kitchen, a mechanical workshop, a small temple altar, a medical clinic, a guard house, and a tailor workshop. The last path, at the opposite end of the lake, leads off to the leader's chamber, which is mostly just used by the guards and lost hatchings. At the center of the lake, there is a small island used by the clan's resident water nymphs.

Important Dragons Edit

  • Fiore - The clan's leader
  • Vendetta and Lapis - The two daughters of Fiore and the two of the best fighters in the clan
  • Namine - The second-in-command and the best fighter in the clan
  • Saeko - The mad scientist who keeps two cyborgs alive
  • Stockings - The leader of the guards
  • Blind and Bokuta - The medics of the clan
  • Fayre - Leader and founder of Troupe Fantôme
  • Coco - Resident fortune teller
  • Rosie - Nest Guard, Hatchling-Sitter

Troupe Fantôme Edit

Troupe Fantôme is a small circus troupe that resides in the Wisp-Willow Grotto and preforms small shows monthly while preforming all acts at Trickmurk. It is mainly run by the ringmaster, Fayre, his assistant, Syrin, and the puppet-mistress, Tacca. Many permanent members of the clan are also members of the troupe, but don't preform as much.

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