Thorne is a mechanic, inventor and tinkerer of the Order. He is Liesel's son and the nephew of Charene. Valrak is a close friend of his.

Background Edit

Thorne was hatched on a quiet day in his clan, not much was happening when he broke the shell of his egg. He spent a large deal of time with his mother Liesel, who was a wonderful example of both strength and strategy. Though he grew up around other warriors in the clan, he never showed any interest in joining them. Instead, he would find the broken scraps of whatever armour or weaponry had been used, and he would tinker with it. Thorne loved to make all sorts of small contraptions, ones that would tick and sputter, ding and make a little rrrrr noise similar to a small motor. Other dragons were fascinated with his work as he started to learn more about his trade, some asking him if they could have something of their own from him, while others would ask him to fix their chipped trinkets. He would happily accept everybody's requests, until someone told him that he shouldn't be wasting his talent away without making a profit. He started to charge small fees for fixes and slightly larger fees for custom contraptions, and nobody seemed to mind. Thorne is now a renowned mechanic in his clan, and he enjoys every waking moment of his day with the ticks, sputters, dings, and growls of his contraptions.

Trivia Edit

  • Toxin and Scales were added to replace Eye Spots and Underbelly

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Viiirus (#262539)

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