The Beekeeper of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Tomas arrived at the Red Kingdom sometime after its establishment, accompanied by his partner Eabha and their large complement of familiars—the large and varied assortment of herds Eabha maintains, and the Bumble and Coral Carpenter hives cared for by Tomas himself. While they had only been looking for somewhere they could settle down to raise their animals, they found to their surprise that the river they followed into a gorge contained a kingdom that was happy to adopt them into the fold. Finding it to their liking and their skills of use, they decided to settle down, and Tomas soon found a place for himself and his hives in the gardens.

Under his care, the hives have grown considerably since he settled down. He lives separately from his mate, staying close to the hives while she lives with the herds outside the lair proper, but she comes in to see him almost every day and he occasionally spends the night at her outpost.

Clan Role Edit

A beekeeper to his bones, Tomas spends most of his time looking after his hives and helping to maintain the gardens for their use. He works closely with Aifric and Aine in this regard, and also regularly harvests honey for the food stores. Though initially only a keeper of bees, he has also expanded his repertoire somewhat and now maintains small colonies of other native insects, which he raises to add to the clan's food supplies.

Personality Edit

A dedicated and patient guardian to his hives, Tomas shows the same patient resolve in all things. He is quiet on the whole, but gets along well with most of his clanmates—and is certainly more social than his partner, whom he often serves as a sort of buffer for in social situations. He is good at picking up on nonverbal cues and took rapidly to the clan's unique sign language. Most of his time is spent in the gardens; he seems most at peace when surrounded by bees and flowers, and always seems to have at least three insects—of varying types—fluttering around him. He shows the same care and affection to bugs normally deemed creepy or gross as he does the useful ones, and is always happy to lend his time to teaching any truly interested student on their natures.

Relationships Edit

  • Eabha: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Aifric: Clan gardener and a colleague.
  • Aine: Clan flowerkeeper and a colleague.
  • Brigh: Clan leech and a collaborator.
  • Ronan: Clan fisher and a collaborator.
  • Colum: Clan architect and a friend.

Tomas is bisexual.

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