Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Tonatiuh has always had a sense of exploration. He enjoys flying for long distances and to take in the scenery around him. He's a cheerful dragon but has a little trouble pronouncing some words. Example of his speech: 'Allo m'am! Ah finished delivering er package!'

He's made his sense of travel and direction useful for the Clan because he helps deliver packages and letters like the Courier Dragons.

Personality Edit

He is very polite and calls even his closest friends by miss/m'am or sir. The only exception being his best friend Nieth

Tonatiuh is a fan of crowds and socializing. He likes the clan's new home near the Beacon, much better than their old one in the Mirrorlight. Now it's much more crowded which means more dragons!

Relationships Edit

Neith: His hunting friend.

Bloodmoon: His old bully.

Trivia Edit

  • He's bisexual
  • He's named after the Aztec sun god
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