Treva is the Order's military strategist, lending all of her skills and knowledge to ensure maximum efficiency and sensibility in any planned moves. She often advises Herzog on the best courses of action.

Background Edit

Through Treva’s eyes, life is like a game of chess: An intricate series of moves and countermoves, always trying to take advantage of the faults of your opponents. Exiled from her former clan for spreading mass paranoia for her own gain, Treva worked her way into a militaristic clan deep within the Scarred Wasteland. This new clan accepted her with open arms, knowing they could use a brain like hers to win in any battle. Her stratagems improved the fighting capabilities of the Order of the Colossus tenfold.

Treva’s most powerful tool for devising her battle tactics is the Order’s “Secret Intelligence Service,” led by Rhagoh. They supply her with information on the enemy, and she provides the rest of the Order with the military genius needed to win the battle. When ambushed, Treva can improvise a strategy to survive within seconds, making her invaluable for any combat mission. She is fully proficient in combat herself, not afraid to take up arms against any foe stupid enough to strike her. Any time she is asked about her skill in her profession she smirks, saying only three words:

“Moves and countermoves.”

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by PolarStriker (#306915)

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