Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

He's been a hatchling for a long time now...

TrickorTreat (Also known as ToT or Trick, but mostly ToT because that sounds cuter) was sent to live in Seeking Clan around RoR from an allied Shadow clan (Which has since moved to Light).

ToT said he wanted to move to Light because he wanted a new home to explore and new dragons to meet. He wanted to go to the land opposite of his own, and who was Nightbane to say no? Of course she welcomed the child into her clan.

ToT was immediately welcomed and adored.

Amara grew attached to him. Although he's hyperactive like most spirals, ToT is very kind and well behaved for his age. Amara likes to care for him, he's almost like her adopted child.

Whirlpool also likes to watch over the little hatchling. ToT is always eager to play new games with him, and they're good for each other. Both energetic dragons need to get rid of their energy somehow.

ToT's favorite game is hide and seek, because he's the best at it. His tiny body can easily hide in the cracks of the ruins. His favorite food is chocolate, and his second favorite is chocolate chip cookies. He isn't allowed to eat sweets very often though.

His best friend is Candycorn.

He likes to use his familiar Ghost as a pillow. Ghost doesn't mind as long as he's still able to gaze at the stars.

It's strange how no one ever mentions that ToT hasn't changed since the day he's gotten to the clan... maybe it's because they don't want him to grow up.

The world is too full of change. Some things need to stay the same

Personality Edit

He's full of energy and adventure.

Relationships Edit

Whirlpool: His favorite caretaker

Candycorn: His best friend

Trivia Edit

  • He's a perma baby
  • He has apparel because of an old glitch that allowed you to put apparel on babies by replaces an adult ID with a hatchling ID while on the dressing dragon page.
  • This glitch was fixed so not the apparel is permanently on ToT unless I scroll him into an adult
  • He cannot ever leave my lair and I'm ok with that
  • Theme is This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas
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