Clan Lampsi

Background Edit

She grew up in Seeking Clan and always was a trouble maker alongside Hoodwink.

Personality Edit

Trouble lives up to her name. She enjoys causing trouble to others and loves to watch others' misfortune. Often when she sees a fight, instead of breaking it up she'll try to encourage it, or provoke the dragons more. Sometimes she will set dragons up or frame them for others' crimes. She'll do anything to cause trouble. When confronted for her trouble making she'll act innocent and sweet. "Me? Why how could you say such a thing?" And most dragons fall for it. She then will try to prove that she's innocent by giving gifts to others, because she's oh so kind. But all Trouble really wants is to see chaos and violence.

Relationships Edit

Hoodwink (deceased mate)

Trivia Edit

  • Sapphic
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