The Primals

Background Edit

When they were just an egg, a group of Talonok raided their clan and in the chaos, their egg had rolled away from the nest. The Talonok found the egg and brought it with them, planning to sell it later. But Valisant hatched before they could be sold. The Talonok took one look at their goopy eyes and fled. They thought the hatchling was Shade-touched and wanted nothing to do with them. So Valisant was left alone in the middle of a swamp.

Although partially blind and newly hatched, they got around well enough to survive until they met a few Dunhoof centaurs. The Dunhoof were kind enough to help build Val a little shelter and to teach them some dragonic. They even asked if they would like to journey with them, but val refused, stating they were happy were they were.

So Valisant spent most of their life living deep in the swamps of the Tangled Woods, legally blind and selectively mute. They barely saw any dragons of beastclans and the Dunhoof only visited once every few years.

Valisant was awfully shy so even when they did see new faces around their swamp, they hid and hoped the strangers would go away.

Until they met Grim. For some reason, they felt drawn to him. So for once they crawled out of their comfort zone to talk to the strange mirror.

Personality Edit

Extremely shy, but kind.

Relationships Edit

Grim: Their friend

Trivia Edit

  • Ace nonbinary
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