Born from some of the deepest Hearths, this battle-scarred Wildclaw has burned through her life without so much a glance backwards.


Valkyrie is Clan Ignis’s respected and powerful leader. She came from nothing but burning ashes and rose through broken bones and blood to become the dragon she is today. Not many know where she came from, nor does she remember the whole story. But, since reconnecting with some family she has had some gaps in her history filled. It all started when her home was ruined and the last thing she remembered was strange creatures locking her up in a cage. They took her away from the Hearths and the warmth of her homeland to somewhere dry and dusty. Valkyrie was a mere hatchling when they made her fight.
The young Wildclaw from that point on only knew one thing - fight or be killed. She quickly became the Arena’s champion and she grew stronger and faster. They called her the Fury of the Ashfall Waste. That was her one hint to where she had come from. She knew the fire burned in her and she wished for the day she’d be able to win her freedom. However, that day never came and the same bloodshed continued. Instead, she ignited a Rebellion and overthrew her captors and created a Clan from those she saved from the fighting rings.
The Clan would become known as Clan Ignis in the years following after her home in Fire. Many expected her to return to her home region, but, Valkyrie knew she couldn’t. Both physically and mentally; her wings torn and broken, but, how would she know her family. It is unclear what she wishes to do. However, after years settled in the Shattered Wasteland, she had had enough and uprooted her Clan back to the Molten Scar after hearing words from travellers about a rebellion happening in the Hearth. There she currently stands as a respected and loved leader of the Clan.


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  • Valkyrie means "chooser of the slain", derived from Old Norse valr "the slain" and kyrja "chooser". In Norse myth, the Valkyries were maidens who led heroes killed in battle to Valhalla
  • Smithed her armour and jewellery herself.
  • Her wings have had numerous breaks and over the years have healed badly and because of this Valkyrie cannot fly.
  • The 'clear' section of her Capsule gene is instead heavy scarring that she received during her time at the Arena.


  • She is a pure second generation Wildclaw and is a 7-digit.
  • Originally bought with Bar/Shimmer/Underbelly, then was regened to Jaguar/Current/Spines, and was regened again to Python/Striation/Capsule.
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