Valrak is a mechanic of the Order. He is a good friend of Thorne.

Background Edit

The whistle blew and Valrak exhaled loudly in relief.

The days were long in the dark factories that had since stained his scales with soot. He had looked as if he was born to the ash when he had hatched, and he had took to the work almost as quickly. Even then, his eyes bright and curious, had he known he would go far in the factories.

Here the days were long though, and much work was yet to be done. He crawled back out from under the machinery, every inch careful yet quick--done countless times before, but never without deliberate movement. Any accident could be fatal. He had seen it often enough. He knew the risk. He dragged his exhausted feet to the cafeteria where he dutifully sat at his usual table. He waited, and waited, claws ticking at the steel table. There–”Thorne! Cassus!” he called, fanged grin on his face.

The two laughed at him, Cassus shaking his head as he too sat, “Aren’t you always here? Aren’t we always late? Aren’t we always–”

“Together. I know, I know,” Valrak grumbled. Thorne smirked.

“Miss us?”

“A little! Yeah, a’ight, I did! I was stuck down in th’ factory again, working on the big’uns!”

“Meanwhile I was forced to delve into every detail of ‘Is that really necessary? Can we cut cost?’ on the new designs,” Cassus laughed. “Sure, it was cleaner, but of course you need screws! I mean, honestly!”

Valrak nodded grudgingly, “Fair enough.”

Soon all three were commiserating about their daily grind, till the whistle blew. Like clockwork, the day went on, a little less long.

Trivia Edit

  • Valrak is a 6 digit dragon
  • at least the primary and tertiary genes will be replaced / applied, but it is still undecided which ones they will be
  • Cassus is no longer a member of the Order of the Colossus

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Fitz (#262322)

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