Biography Edit

Rosanna and Varoleen’s roost was a tree near Milyar and Festal’s forges, which is a part of the reason why highly sensitive official documents were (and still are) not allowed to be kept in their tree, because the forge fires were so close. 

An excerpt of my old bio for them Edit

Varoleen is the Clan's scribe, and although his hand(paw?)writing is nearly microscopic to a Guardian, he never fails to deliver a clear report. He is in charge of maintaining the files (kept in one of Phelga’s caves), and works closely with Rosanna to understand and record the numerical debates as well.

Varoleen isn't exactly cheerful, but neither is he moody. He kind of remains in an emotional limbo which only Rosanna can decipher. As far as the other dragons can tell, it's all based on subtext.

Mysterious, distrustful, subtle.

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