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Galdera's wife, and one of the three leaders of the clan. She's one of the most powerful warriors in the lair, and is in charge of the lair's defenses. The lair general answers directly to her, and guards and soldiers will probably never see her in their life. If they do, they hope it's to be commended for their courage... Because one does not want to be in trouble with her.

She's somewhat more brash than her husband. Though she can keep her cool, she easily loses her temper when her loved ones are harmed.

History Edit

Verona once found herself hunting in the Wandering Contagion, and was ambushed by the beasts of the Scarred Wasteland. She managed to fight them off, but had sustained serious injuries. She knew she would die if she didn't patch herself up quickly. Verona dragged herself to a lair she believed to be abandoned... But passed out a few feet shy of the entrance. As she felt her consciousness slip, her last thought was of her death...

However, she would later open her eyes to find a young Fae nursing her wounds. He seemed relieved that she woke up, and introduced himself as Galdera. Little did she know that she had just met her future husband.

Slowly but surely, more dragons found the lair, and found shelter from the dangers of the Scarred Wastelands. Galdera and Verona now had a clan to run, and decided that none of them had all the skills needed to lead the lair. So they approached Black Diamond, the dark-scaled Skydancer managing to keep the refugees calm. They suggested to unite their skills to lead the clan to greatness, and the Skydancer agreed. Galdera, Verona and Black Diamond ran the clan from that moment on, and most of the original settlers now hold important positions in the clan.

Future Plans Edit

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