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Wonderfully goofy and sincere, Victoria is just as ready to give a warm hug as she is to flex her sarcastic muscles. Sometimes, a flaring temper can get the bester of her, but it's all under the same umbrella of passion. She loves wholly. (Penned by SolaceSojourn)

Victoria is an artist, though she is very attuned to the element of the Starfall Isles. She uses her gift to advance her artistic ability, and her heritage and homeland often inspire her works. She is an advocate of the importance of art education alongside technical fields of study.

While she is only half Tundra, her memory when it comes to tasks is still not the best, so she often has to chronicle everything in journals and scrolls so as not to forget commitments and the fear that she might eventually forget friendships. She hardly ever leaves the lair without the company of her mate or a close friend, and is loathe to spend too much time away from her loved ones, because of that fear, and the idea of her Tundra friends forgetting her.

Her mixed heritage makes her appear different from her clan mates in several ways. She has a sturdy but long and lithe frame, a perfect blend between Tundra and Skydancer. She is undeniably fluffy and still sports the traditional Tundra beard, though her fur isn't quite as dense or long in some places like her chest. Victoria also was born with a Skydancer's trademark forehead gem, granting her incredible insight to the feelings of the dragons around her. She did not, however, inherit the antennae, and isn't quite as graceful in the air or on her feet as her Skydancer predecessors.

Her life-long mate is Benjamin, Vesperia's Treasurer. The two share a very close bond, and are inseparable. They exchange playful banter and often use insults as terms of endearment (a silly game that started early in their courtship). It both baffles and amuses Victoria's parents.

Victoria is also very close to her parents and children, especially her mother and daughter. The three of them often practice their respective crafts together.

Victoria's closest friends are Renegade, Chandra, Grohl, Bahamut, and Rigela. They sometimes gather in the common area to catch up or to play games.

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