Origins of the Clan Edit

{WIP} Amethyst, while being made in Arcane territory, grew up in Water territory, since when her first adoptive father showed his mate her egg in hopes that it would help her recover from the sickness, but instead she through it off of the nearby cliff into the ocean, and it eventually floated to Water territory, where she was discovered newly hatched in a storm and close to death by her second adoptive parents, Orca and Manta.

Members Edit

  • Amethyst (Clan Leader/Founder)
  • Neptune (Clan Leader)
  • FruitPunch (Guard/Hunter/Warrior)
  • Moon (Healer)
  • Aries (Hunter/Scout/Warrior)
  • Rose (Spy)
  • Oasis (Explorer/Trader)
  • Jungle (Healer/Gardener)
  • Maple (Gardener)
  • Periwinkle (Mage/Healer)
  • Tigerlily (Guard/Hunter)
  • Primula (Guard/Hunter)
  • Dusk (Mage)
  • Pearl (Seer)
  • Dawn (Guard/Mage)
  • Mist (Mage)
  • Triumph (Nanny)
  • Pilot (Scout/Messenger)
  • Marble (Alchemist)
  • Sunset (Engineer)
  • Wisp (Seer/Healer)
  • SnowGlider (Messenger/Scout)
  • Toxin (Alchemist)
  • Olive (Spy/Scout)
  • Shade (Shadetouched)
  • Hex (Mage)
  • Belladonna (Necromancer)
  • Persephone (Gardener/Necromancer)
  • Scarlet (Entertainer)
  • Shinjukou (Advisor)
  • Flint (Smith)
  • Heather (Treasure Keeper)
  • Calla (Hatchling)
  • Sobek (Librarian/Storyteller)
  • Tribute (Religious Devotee/Seer)
  • Madge (Guard)
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