The Primals

Background Edit

When Voltage's parents found out they had a primal son, they immediately Exalted him to work for the Stormcatcher. To them there was no better use in such a gifted child, than to be raised by a god. But Voltage barely saw the Stormcatcher. He was too busy to raise a child, primal or not. Instead the other Exalted took him under their wings.

Voltage was to use his Lightning abilities to power the Stormcatcher's factories, but it did not come easy to Voltage. Sure he had plenty of magic, but it was difficult to control. His powers seemed to be tied directly to his emotions. His job was often too stressful and overwhelming. This resulted in his powers being unpredictable and unreliable. More often than not he overwhelmed the circuits, or failed to power them at all. Voltage was often scolded for messing up, which only resulted in him becoming more stressed, and his powers even more unreliable. It was an endless cycle of misery.

Voltage would have to excuse himself to have a breakdown in the employee's bathroom, because he couldn't handle all of the responsibility placed on him.

His working conditions were also awful. He didn't get enough breaks, and everything was too loud. His senses were constantly bombarded in the busy workroom.

And to make matters worse, Voltage was mute and often suffered from miscommunication. While overwhelmed he struggled to sign, and with his hands full he struggled to respond to coworkers.

After enduring his suffering for years, finally something broke inside of him. He found himself unable to feel anything. At first it was a blessing. He no longer had breakdowns, and scolding no longer had any affect on him. He became an empty, unfeeling void. He wondered if he was even real.

But with no emotions meant no more powers, which made him useless to the Stormcatcher.

Voltage was fired and left to his own devices in the middle of the desert. With no knowledge of how to survive in the heat, he nearly died, but thankfully he met Renewal who nursed him back to health.

Personality Edit

Cold and distant. He hardly shows an emotion and when he does it's in quick, unpredictable bursts.

Relationships Edit

Grim: He is thankful for Grim for providing him a new home, even if they do move around constantly

Renewal: He is forever grateful for her saving his life

Trivia Edit

  • Gay ace
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