WIP - one of the first five to join after the clan was founded, one of three to stick around (Maggie and Sarai being the other two), loves providing for the clan and is happy to stay


WIP - jovial, friendly, a hard worker, dedicated, standard Skydancer protectiveness of hatchlings, enjoys collecting bugs to study as well as to eat, devoted to Sarai, gets along well with most dragons, enjoys the occasional prank with Akari


WIP - longest Skydancer in the clan, large wings, moves surprisingly quickly, doesn't like wearing apparel, armband matches that of Sarai and was a gift for their anniversary


WIP - weirdly good at camoflaguing himself, while out uses his Skydancer ESP to keep track of things happening outside the lair, very light on his feet, quick hands and nimble fingers, knows just about everything about every bug ever, if he doesn't know something he'll do everything he can to find out


  • Vyrus was hatched on April 17, 2014
  • He and Sarai met before they came to the clan but they refused to have their first nest until they were completely settled, and even now nest very infrequently
  • Vyrus has taken Akari under his wing and he helps the younger Skydancer whenever he can
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