Backstory Edit

Waratah, an orphan that lived in an unnamed clan in the Wyrmwound, decided to leave her clan for good and return to her "home" in the Ashfall Waste after being mistreated for disliking the Scarred Wasteland as a whole. She'd never left the Scarred Wasteland before, so her journey ended up taking a bit longer than it should have. After a near fatal Serthis attack, she was saved by a small Dunhoof herd that treated her injuries in the Starwood Strand. Despite being told she should rest, she left early the next morning, heading towards the Windswept Plateau. Near the end of her journey, she met a very lost tundra who couldn't even remember his birth name. Feeling bad for him, she took him under her wing, literally, and finished her long journey to the Emberglow Hearth to start her clan.

Personality Edit

Originally born in a plague clan can really affect one's personality. Waratah became harsh like the diseases she grew up around. Despite that, she's very passionate when it comes to running her clan.

Lair Description Edit

Waratah's lair is large enough for her to spread her wings out fully and still have some wiggle room. It's very neat, containing a fair amount of darksteel trinkets. A chandelier made of bone hangs in the middle of the room.

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