Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Whirlpool was practicality hatched on his elk familiar Fuzz. Ever since his hatching day he's enjoyed climbing onto Fuzz's back or perching on his antlers. One day Fuzz wandered away from the clan with Whirlpool sleeping on his back. Fuzz wandered all the way to the end of the Southern Ice Field for some reason that is unknown. The moment the elk wandered to the edge however, the ice he was standing on broke off and floated to sea. Whirlpool and Fuzz ended up being rescued by Nightbane, who was flying to the ice fields to pick up an unwanted hatchling named Nom.

Whirlpool is very observing of his surroundings and has an excellent memory. He's very chatty, but can speak too quickly or become off topic. He's very energetic and feels the need to constantly move. He get's bored very easily and is constantly trying to find fun new things to do. He also really likes hugs.

He's recently gotten into scrap booking and wishes to have a page to represent each dragon in the Clan. This project of his is proving to be quite the challenge.

Personality Edit

Extremely energetic. he doesn't know when to stop talking and often annoys others.

Relationships Edit

Flare: His friend. It's complicated.

Trivia Edit

  • He's aroace
  • He's one of the first dragons I've ever bought
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