General notes Edit

Widow had always known that she'd have lots and lots of hatchlings. She didn't fancy the suitors though. Resident crazy cat lady. Always spotted with her many fluffy critters. Will kill anyone who suggests they eat the fluffs. Do not joke about eating her cats. She WILL kill you. Called Widow because of the fact that all dragons that mate with her somehow ends up dead or exalted. Has a mission to spread her babies all over sornieth. Everyone who jokes about her cats dies. Everyone she mates dies. Everyone dies. She doesn't care because she's got her cats and they're goddamn fluffy.

Diary Entrances Edit

Diary Entrance 1, *DATE* Edit

Today a new dragon arrived, one that had heard of me. He wanted to prove that he could handle me. We'll see about that. His name is Brawn, and he's quite handsome. I'll enjoy mating with him. I do believe that we'll have some handsome hatchlings too. Together we created x eggs. *comment, either "good" or "bad" depending on amounts*.

Diary Entrance 2, *DATE* Edit

Today our hatchlings hatched.


Brawn is gone. The clan thinks he left, but I know better. I decided to name the hatchling(s) x, x, etc, though if they find the names unsuitable they will probably change them. I do hope that they find new homes.

Diary Entrance 3, *DATE* Edit

All of my previous hatchlings have now left, and I believe they've all found new clans. With their departure other dragons have heard of me, and today Snappy, an odd but slightly charming mirror arrived, seeking me. I believe he and I will be wonderful, yet temporary, mates. He keeps proclaiming his undying love to me though, so we all now he will have to leave once we are done.

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