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Wish is Shiningscourge's daughter, and she's spoiled rotten.

Shining obsesses over her. She buys her the prettiest clothing and paints her nails. She let's Wish do whatever she wants.

Wish takes advantage of her mother's obsessiveness over her. No matter what she does, she knows she'll never be punished for it. Whether it's making some snickering comments to dragons she doesn't like or starting her own jewelry business.

Wish loves to make jewelry, and she's good at it too. Dragons commission her and she crafts her jewelry to perfection. Very rarely she has a disappointed customer. She even ships her jewelry to other clans, which is something that Shining doesn't like. Shining hates to interact with other clans, but she does it to help make her daughter's business supportive. It's Shining that mostly deals with the business part of it, and Wish just makes the products.

There's one thing that Shining refuses Wish. She refuses to let her daughter fight. She is too afraid Wish will harm herself, so she has banned Wish from learning combat training.

Personality Edit

ish is mad at her mother because of this. She wants to know how to fight like all of the other dragons.

Wish would ask another dragon to teach her in secret, but she doesn't have the best social skills. Sometimes the things she says, comes off wrong to others. Some dragons think she's rude, but she can't help it. She deosn't mean it. Wish is autistic.

Her autism also makes her sensitive to sound and she likes to wear ear muffs in order not to be overwhelmed. She likes to play with her silks absentmindedly, because she always has to be doing something. She has trouble staying still. And Wish has trouble understanding the behavior of others, with ties in with her poor social skills.

She likes Bluemoon. She thinks the skydancer is very pretty and wishes to be her friend, but is unsure how to talk to her. She often chases off dragons who are mean to Bluemoon. Wish may not know how to fight, but she knows if any dragon hurts her, that dragon will be severely punished. So she puts herself in the way of Bluemoon, so that the other dragon is forced to stop of risk hurting her and facing Shiningscourge's wrath.

Wish likes to take care of birds and has several as pets. Her favorite is her renegade aviar, Fenrer.

Relationships Edit

Bluemoon: Her girlfriend

Shiningscourge: Mother

ErebusAngelos: Father

Trivia Edit

  • Theme: Ruby- Twenty One Pilots
  • She's pan and trans
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