Clan Lampsi

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Not much to say.

Personality Edit

Wolf considers themself civilized. They are very neat and polite and they hate all kinds of violence. They tend to avoid hunting because they do not like taking the lives of others. It is because of this that they are one of the clan's healers.

Thier methods of healing are very advanced and precise. As a hatchling they were trained by a nature wildclaw and learned what different herbs could do to heal. But Wolf decided to take their knowledge of healing a little further.

They learned how to turn these herbs into more precise advanced medicine in the form of pills. These drugs are carefully measured and exact, just the way that Wolf likes it.

They are also very careful with surgeries. They take their time when planning a surgery and they carefully measure the right amount of anesthetics a dragon will need. They also make sure to plan where, what tools, time, everything before a surgery. Everything is thought through before Wolf takes action.

Although they are normally calm and collective, they do not take emergencies very well. Emergencies give Wolf no time to plan, and they are usually very messy. They give them high stress levels and Wolf isn't very sure how to handle situations such as this.

Wolf hates when their patients do not make it. They always blame the deaths on themself and they can spend week upon week dwelling on the issue, wondering what they could have done different.

Relationships Edit

Panther: Wolf frowns upon their mate's healing methods. Their mate, Panther, uses older, more dangerous healing techniques and Wolf claims that they do more harm than good. But Panther refuses to listen. Despite Wolf's differences with their mate, they still love and care about Panther very much.

Trivia Edit

  • They are pansexual and genderfluid
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