Wonderstark, formerly known as Clan Wonderstark, is an Observatory outpost clan that used to serve as a Shadetouched rehabilitation centre. After the catastrophic destruction of the clan lair in an event simply referred to as 'the apocalypse', it now serves mainly as a research centre for mages and a home base for mercenaries and independent merchants.

Early history

The clan's founding was proposed through the application of the young mage Exeter to pursue his dream of combatting the Shadetouched along with his childhood friend Corona. The application was approved, allowing for the release of Corona from Focal Point Asylum, and the two were sent to a small outcrop in Crystalspine Reaches. Corona managed to befriend and evoke pity from a sceptical loner skydancer passing by, while Exeter managed to quickly form an alliance with the Plague Clan Ilesvia and reach out to the wider network of Arcane clans, gaining the clan the service of the gatherers Leigh and Keferia along with an influx of adopted hatchlings. After Leigh brought back a wounded young fae from the Viridian Labyrinth who proved herself to be a driven and competent leader on equal par with Exeter, Corona stepped down as the co-leader to better tend to the hatchlings.

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