Wrena is one of the original members of Neria’s small pack, along with Garou, Sunnathy, and Meon. At first she was part of the fighting team, protecting and hunting for the pack, but was more than happy to step aside and leave those duties to others as the pack grew to a proper clan. Her real passion lies in history and her current role is that of an archeologist and historian. She spends most of her time either searching and digging for artifacts, or cataloging and studying the ones she has found. She was one the most excited members of the clan when Pergamon moved to Shadow, since it gave her the opportunity to find all new things.

When Phoenicia appeared to the keep Wrena was immediately drawn to her. Something about the complete lack of memories and with them the loss of her whole history terrified her and so she did everything she could to give her a new one. It didn’t take long for her to develop feelings for the Tundra but she was too afraid of talking about it, in fear that it would drive her away, opting to pine for her in silence instead. But Tundras can smell the changes in someone’s scent, like when they’re attracted to someone, and after a while Phoenicia confronted Wrena about it. They decided to try a relationship and ended up working very well together.

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