Wynnir is the Pergamon clan Guard scribe and his responsibilities are the provisions, armoury and bookkeeping. Wynnir is nearly blind, with his glasses merely helping him to perceive the basic shapes and colours of the things around him. He uses his phenomenal memory and a writing system he has deviced on his own to keep the daily Guard business in order.

Wynnir was hired to the Guard when Eudoxia took over. There weren’t a lot of volunteers and they needed a dragon who could run the day-to-day business of the Guard. Wynnir had hoped to do more than just that but his eyesight made him not qualified. He developed a bit of a crush on Adhara, which is why he will still bring her up from time to time. But after Adhara left he finally got to do some limited Guard duty, mainly when the other guards needed rest and Eudoxia wasn’t able to cover their shifts. At first he was excited to do the actual work, as he had romantic ideas about swashbuckling adventures and all, but now he’s just really, really excited to get back to his scribe’s chamber and normal duties and not walk another step as a guardsdragon ever again.

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