Xian is a member of the Starwood Sanctuary.

Appearance Edit

Xian is far longer than any imperial rightly should be- which is fitting, because Xian is no imperial. Instead, they are an Emperor, some crude three-headed amalgam held together by magic and force of will. Xian is at least four times the length of the longest of Imperials, with three sets of wings, arms, and legs. They possess only one tail, but three heads, each independent and very, very attentive. Xian's hide is slightly mottled where the colors mesh, coal dabbling into ice, mixing with lavender. Their entire hide is very shimmery, sparkling in the light as if the dragon was coated in sparkles. The "darkest" parts are covered in smoky patterning, while the rest of the Emperor seems to be covered in thin, sharp spines.

Personality Edit

Xian, much like Xue, is even tempered. Xian strives for perfection, and will not settle for less.

Abilities Edit

  • Abberant - Xian is an Emperor, and as such is not widely accepted in most societies
  • Longevity - Xian is an Imperial, and as such is nigh immortal
  • Arcane Mage - Xian is adept with Arcane Magics
  • Light Mage - Xian is adept with Light Magics