"I will regain my honor. You will bend or break before me."

Background Edit

An overseer from the Tempest Spire, Yohn served directly under the Stormcatcher. As a Guardian dragon, he possessed excellent swimming skills, so he and a small team of other guardians were tasked with the care of the electrical cables lining the shore of the Sea of a Thousand Currents, along the Tsunami Flats. Yohn's job was secure and it paid well, leaving him with a large hoard of not only treasure, but other valuables. He had a Sparkling Goblin as a familiar, and he was popular with the other managers. Nothing could have improved Yohn's life, aside from finding his Charge and successfully guarding it.

One evening when several cables had been pulled loose, Yohn went down to the shores with his team. They began to reattach and weld the cables back onto the tethers, while Yohn inspected the rest of the cables for wear and tear. Amongst the noise from the workers and the welding, Yohn did not hear the dragon that snuck up behind him and delivered a blow to the back of his head.

Waking some hours later in the dead of night, Yohn discovered that his team had been slaughtered. Their bodies littered the shore of the Tsunami Flats, tools scattered around them. Yohn was woozy and could barely walk, but he dragged himself back to the Tempest Spire to report in. When he came in through the company's door and into the light, all of the dragons shied away from him. It was only now that Yohn realized his claws and mouth were bloodstained and dirty—had he committed the very crime he came to report?

Taken away in cuffs, wings bound, Yohn was brought before the Stormcatcher himself, who could find no way to spare Yohn. All of the evidence pointed to the fact that Yohn had indeed killed his team. With no other alternatives, the Stormcatcher exiled Yohn to the Highland Scrub, to live out the rest of his life in shame.

Personality Edit

Yohn takes long walks through the Highland Scrub periodically, using the time to think and focus his energy on the hunt for his Charge. The constant drive to prove himself innocent to the Stormcatcher while also looking for his Charge keeps Yohn in constant motion. He is oftentimes gone for upwards of a month, thinking and walking.

Yohn encountered Crath when he first was dumped in the Highland Scrub. Since his old familiar was taken away, Yohn sought to make Crath's acquaintance. The Storm Seeker became a very loyal, observant familiar. Able to glimpse pieces of future events, Crath acts as a visionary and guide for Yohn.

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  • Yohn is my custom progenitor
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