The Primals

Background Edit

When Yulene was hatched she took her clan by surprise. They had never expected a Light Primal to hatch in their clan. And they never expected the Lightweaver to chose such a dull colored child to bless. Why bless a mirror that blended in with the shadows when she could have blessed a mirror as bright as the sun?

Some of Yulene's clanmates soon grew jealous. They believed they deserved to have been blessed over Yulene. So they made fun of her. They made her feel ashamed of her primal powers.

Everyday they chipped away at Yulene's self esteem. They chipped away at her happiness until there was none. Poor Yulene couldn't take the abuse any longer, so she took her own life.

But to her sorrow she came back as a ghost. Her soul was too restless and too powerful for the Goddess of Death to touch. So Yulene had nothing else to do but wander aimlessly around the Sunbeam Ruins. Until Grim finally found her in the Hewn City.

He promised to bring her happiness again. There would be no more bullies under his watch.

Personality Edit

Distraught and timid

Relationships Edit

Grim: He's the only dragon she's opened up to since she died

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  • Lesbian
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