WIP - joined the clan soon after their move to Wind, found their stories fascinating and wanted to record them forever, believes that all dragons have a story that deserves to be told, not sure how long he'll stick around but for now he's happy to stay


WIP - quiet, observant, would rather witness and record than interact himself, loves hearing the stories of others, wants everyone to feel important to the point where he doesn't let his feelings or opinions become known, strives to be an unbiased observer


WIP - average length, small-ish wings, wears the holiday apparel of his home flight proudly, usually has some sort of scroll and ink on him at all times, hides his face so he can appear as unbiased as possible, constantly in motion when not hearing someone's story


WIP - near photographic memory, great listener, quick and steady writing, can be very poetic if given the time, great story teller


  • Zephyr was hatched on December 22, 2014 but did not become a part of clan lore until October 2015
  • Zephyr's page on-site currently holds all the achievement badges the clan has earned for dominance efforts since becoming a part of the Wind flight
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